Uskin Models

John Besley will be well known to some readers as the man behind the P&J Models range of kits and accessories which used to be available for 16mm scale. Now he has gone up a scale into the world of accessories and detailing parts for 7/8ths scale. The range of Uskin castings is steadily expanding and you can see them below.  I have no commercial connection with John and am simply hosting his catalogue so that it will be accessible to all.


Please contact:

John Besley

182 Blatchcombe Road




email:         Postage £1.50 per order. John takes cheques and Paypal




78-100 Fire Iron a 78-101 Hand Tools 78-103 Workshop Tools 78-102 Loco Accessory set 78-210 Fullerside Dropside Hinges

(Right) 7/8ths Locomotive fire iron set: Fire dropping shovel, pricker bar, ashpan rake and short shovel.

These are brass, lost wax castings (7/8-100)

Price per set of unpainted castings £12.70

(Below) Hand tools: shovels, picks and trowels. (7/8-101)

Price per set of unpainted castings £6.70

(Below) 7/8ths Workshop tools: Hammer, screwdrivers, hacksaw, pliers and engineers square(not file as shown) (7/8-103)

Price per set of unpainted castings £4.40

(Below) 7/8ths Loco accessory set: oil can, feeder and billy can. (7/8-102)

Price per set of unpainted castings  £3.85

78-104 bench Vice 78-105 Oil Drum Tap & Bung 78-106 Oil Can 78-107 Firing Shovel

(Below) 7/8ths Bench vice (7/8-104)

Price for the kit of unpainted castings £3.30

(Right) 7/8ths  Tap and bung only for oil drum (not supplied)(7/8-105)

Price for unpainted castings £2.20

(Below) One gallon oil can (7/8-106)

Price for the unpainted casting £2.20

(Below) Locomotive firing shovel (7/8-107)

Price for unpainted casting £2.20

78-203 End Angles 78-204 T plates and short flat plates 78-205 Corner plates 78-206 Penryn Axle Box x 4

(Right) End angles - set of four (7/8-203)

Price £3.40

(Below) Corner plates x 4, flat plates and corner solebar plates x 2


Price £3.85

(Right) T plates and short plate solebar detail. Four of each (7/8-204)

Price £2.30

78-209 Side strap plates

(Below) Penrhyn Axleboxes - set of four (7/8-206)

Price £6.00

(Below) Side strap plates - set of four (7/8-209)

Price £3.50

(Below) Penrhyn Fullersite wagon hinge - set of six (7/8-210)

Price £8.95

WD Axlebox 78-211. Copy of 78 - 211 Door Catch a

(Below) WD Axlebox as used on the Sand Hutton Light Railway. (7/8-211)

Price £5.70 per set


This item has been produced from masters provided by Freshwater Models

(Right) Set of 2 door catches – these build into a set of working door catches as used on box vans  (7/8-208)

Price £9.70 a set