Accucraft USA Prototypes 2

John in Denmark fitted a Chuffer to his Accucraft Mogul and it is seen here briefly running without it and then with it fitted. John reduced the volume in editing but you probably will not need to turn it up much!

Here Shawn Viggiano's newly repaired Accucraft Forney is running on a cold November day on the Kittatany Mountain Rail Road. Blue skys and mountains make the perfect backdrop for this film.

Here John Robinson in New Zealand, fits a Chuffer to his Accucraft Plantation loco. He is planning to fit radio control as well!

And here it is running on Christmas day 2013, now fitted with twin channel radio control.

This video is from Shawn Viggiano showing that after the appalling Winter of 2013-2014, Spring had finally arrived in the Kittatinny Mountains. It features his modified Accucraft Forney and some wonderful camera angles!

This features Eric Schade's new 7/8ths Accucraft Fairymead loco running on his superb woodland railway in Maine, USA. This is one large loco, being 8.5" tall and that stack (which has a tube up the middle) had a newly designed Chuffer (SCAC31)