SSP Slomo in a Simply 7/8ths Dennis

The Simply 7/8ths Dennis is a body kit intended to be mounted on a Roundhouse Billy chassis. Doc Turner, on the other hand, decided to have a go at mounting the body on a Katie chassis. He sourced a taller, rear boiler mount from Roundhouse and commissioned a machined block to raise the smokebox from Paul Miles at Milepost Engineering. The result is a spectacular, 7/8ths" scale loco.


During the Summer, I had the loco in my workshop, for various small jobs, and one of them was to fit one of the first production Slomos to enter the country. The result is just as amazing as my Katie - and you can see the results below. Sadly I had to send the loco back!


The Videos

Watch out for the out-takes at the end of this one!