RWM Steam Models (Roy Wood Models)

A couple of years ago, my good friend Roy Wood purchased the rights to the PPS ‘Janet’ and ‘De Winton’ from Alan Whitaker and re-launched these well-proven models with a series of improvements that have guaranteed their continued pupularity. Roy also acquired a substantial amount of spares and enhancement parts for the Mamod, MSS, IP Jane and Janet and had added a number of new and improved products.


Since the launch, I have hosted part of Roy's catalogue here, but now it really is better to go to his website (see below). Instead I will put some of the Summerlands Productions videos of his locos - including the new Salem My 2 diesel (which does not use a Chuffer!).


Please not that we have no commercial connection with RWM Steam Models other than as a customer and supplier.



Roy Wood Models, RWM Steam Models

Lodge Cottage, Holtwood, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 7DX, UK

Tel (+44) 01258 840038 (Before 8:00pm please)

Visitors by appointment only please.

Email: [email protected]


Here is Salem running at the Summerlands Light Railway. It is filmed both with the MyLocoSound card on and off. Roy will be offering other sound card options!

Here is my much modified, radio controlled, PPS De Winton. It is now 7/8ths scale. The RWM De Winton has much neater pipework!

Here my PPS De Winton is joined by Roy's test loco at his Holtwood Light Railway.

Here is the RWM Janet running at the Holtwood Light Railway.