RWM Steam De Winton

Here is the RWM Steam De Winton running on Roy Wood's Holtwood Light Railway, first as 16mm and then as 7/8ths scale. It has a Summerlands Chuffer in an RWM designed resonator.

Here is Roy Wood's test De Winton running as 7/8ths scale and hauling the new rake of Summerlands GP Wagons on his Holtwood Light Railway. The loco is fitted with a Summerlands Chuffer in an RWM Steam resonator.

Here is my much modified PPS De Winton hauling mixed goods on Roy's Holtwood Light Railway.

It's June 2014 and Roy's and my De Winton are double heading on the Holtwood Light Railway. In fact this was filmed just before the one above!