Roundhouse Leek & Manifold

Here are fitting notes for the Roundhouse Leek & Manifold loco which have been compiled with the help of the Roundhouse designer, Rob, and Simon Whenmouth of Anything Narrow Gauge.


1. Undo the two screws on the front buffer beam - which is part of the front footplate.


2. There are two screws under the valance behind the cylinders - one either side and difficult to see. Loosen these but do not remove.


3. The front footplate is a tight fit and must be withdrawn forwards, easing it up and over the cylinders. It slots into the rear footplate and can take some effort to break the paint seal. Use fingers behind the buffer beam and thumbs pressing against something that doesn't move.This is a bit of a fiddle, but slow and careful and beware of sharp bits is the advice!


4. You will now see two countersunk screws either side of the smokebox. These hold the wrapper in place. Remove these and the smokebox wrapper will spring out slightly.


5. The smokebox is now removed forwards from between the tanks. Carefully release the blower pipe from the front of the cab and be careful not to scratch the boiler. it might be worth protecting it with masking tape. Again care is needed and as it comes forward, it must be lifted to clear the exhaust.


6. You will see a single 1/8" exhaust. This needs to be supported and cut so that when pushed fully into the chuffer, the chuffer body is inside the chimney. Aim to have the top about 5mm down.


7. Fit the chuffer so it is a firm fit, putting a slight bend in the copper if necessary.


8. Re-assemble in reverse order.