Roundhouse based 7/8ths" scale 2

Here is Raif Copley's superb conversion of a Roundhouse Millie. No Chuffers are involved and it is one of the sweetest running Millies around. The superb rolling stock was built by Raif, who is one of the Triassic/Jurassic Models team.

Here is Betty again, this time hauling gravel in Swift Sixteen mine tubs at Roy Wood's Holtwood Light Railway.

Here is Rob Bennett's Roundhouse Dylan that he has converted to 7/8ths scale. The newly fitted Chuffer is on test in this video - and it works!

Here is a scratch built 7/8ths" scale Hunslet "Jack" hauling my GP wagons loaded with pit props. The original jack was 18" gauge and hauled clay on the John Knowles system here in the UK. The video is played at half speed so the chuff is deeper than in  real life.

Here is Doc David Turner's superb Simply 7/8ths Dennis body on a Roundhouse Katie chassis. The Chuffer is custom made for the chimney. We had a lot of teething problems on this first run, so I have made the best of the few clips using half speed.

Here we see Ian Folland's weathered Warril type Hunslet again, this time running on Ralph pitcher's Cathedral Mountain Railway. It is an Accucraft/Roundhouse hybrid and uses the SCRH1 Chuffer. Most important, though, is that it has just been fitted with an SSP Slomo!