Roundhouse based 7/8ths" Scale

Rob Bennett's 7/8" scale, Roundhouse Millie coversion is seen here at John Wenlocks railway. It has a standard chuffer on a lengthened adapter. The loco has since been further modified with a new can and maroon paint. You can see it on Rob's Indianhill Youtube Channel.

Here is my modified Roundhouse Millie with 7/8ths scale rolling stock at the Summerlands Works Railway. The Chuffer has been modified to put the slot about a third if the way up the chimney. This is a very docile and controllable loco.







And here is another of Millie with some Summer colour!

Here is Betty - based on a Roundhouse Bertie with Katie valve gear and platework. Purchased second hand and modified here at the SLR. At this stage I had only made a couple of wagons.

Here is Betty, my Roundhouse project loco, hauling a mixed goods train of simple, scratch built rolling stock.


Here Millie is bringing home the los threough a snow covered railway. No snow plough action though, I used a coal shovel!