Roundhouse Katie (also Lady Anne, Billy etc.)

This page shows the fitting of the SCRH1 on the twin exhaust models. Please note that from mid 2012, these locos have a single exhaust and need the SCGP1 (scroll down for videos). This also applies to locos from mid 2013 when an 'enhancer' is fitted by Roundhouse.

Here Wolf Schlegel has fitted a Summerlands Chuffer to a Roundhouse Katie. His photos (in sequence left to right) and notes complement the original instructions supplied with the chuffer.


"The first photo shows Katie before the conversion, the chuffer and instructions provided by Summerlands.


To make the chuffer less eye-catching, it can be chemically blackened using the blue solution provided by Regner. Before blackening the chuffer, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned as the oxide layer produced by the blackening agent is likely to wear off otherwise. Wolf has used benzine for this purpose, spirit and lighter fuel (or thinners cb.)should do the job as well.


When working with any kind of chemicals, always refer to the instructions for use and always wear eye and skin protection.


In order to fit the chuffer, Katie's smokebox has to be removed. The box is fastened with two screws from underneath. (Note that the normal way is to remove the three screws holding the front foot-plate so that it is removed with the smoke-box. Wolf has used the two screws underneath which are not always accessible - cb)


Wolf used a disc cutter to shorten the twin exhaust pipes. The cloth serves to protect Katie just in case the cutter goes berserk. Also, it prevents any metal dust being caught by the oily gear. In the rear a calliper rule can be seen that has been used to mark the height at which to cut of the pipes. The instructions provided by Summerlands specify the respective dimensions.


The chuffer is easily mounted by pushing it onto the stubs of the twin exhaust pipes. Apart from a firm push, no further fastening is required.


The final photo shows  Katie chuffing away on a chassis dynanometer.


Alltogether, fitting the chuffer has been straightforward and an enjoyable experience. The whole conversion took no more than 30 minutes.


As with Riesa and Lumberjack, the chuffer does what it says on the tin and provides a very nice audible experience."


Copyright © Wolf Schlegel, 2010


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Here is a little video I made a couple of years ago which shows you how simple it is to fit to a twin exhaust model. I tend to use a junior hacksaw to cut the pipes.

And here, the Pinetree team fit a single exhaust Chuffer in their own unique style!