Roundhouse Jack - Special Edition

Fitting a Chuffer to the new Roundhouse Jack Special Edition is very straightforward - but is slightly more complex than for Katie, Billy or Lady Anne. I have fitted one to Mike Jackson's smart new loco and here are a few notes:


1. The sandboxes on the front of the tank make it very difficult to access the two screws behind the smoke-box - so it is best to remove the bodywork.


2. The bodywork is held on with two screws - one in the dome and one in the centre of the rear buffer beam. Remove these carefully and put them in a safe place.


3. Place a rag under the lubricator outlet and remove the drain screw. Now you will be able to lift the bodywork up and ease it past the lubricator outlet. Put it to one side in a safe place.


4. Remove the three screws from the smoke-box and note which one came from the front hole so it can be replaced. (They all look the same, but the front screw wouldn't go into a side hole on Mike's loco ......).


5. Now follow the instructions and fit the Chuffer. We needed to bend the exhausts a little to allow them to clear the steam pipe. The Chuffer slot faced backwards.


6. Replace the smoke-box, using the three screws and then replace the bodywork. The tab at the rear of the cab fits behind the buffer beam overlay and the cab needs to be pressed down to locate the screw. Finally replace the lubricator drain screw.


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