Accucraft Quarry Hunslet

Here is my 7/8ths" scale Hunslet being tested soon after being returned by Accucraft with the new, double ringed pistons. It is hauling a heavy load of Portland stone.

Here is my Accucraft Quarry Hunslet hauling a passenger train on Chris Tilley's wonderful Barle Valley Light Railway. The film is played at half speed so the chuff is much deeper than in real life!!! The loco is fitted with the SCAC18 Chuffer and still sounds pretty good at full speed!

On the first of March 2014 the wind and rain stopped for a day and the sun came out. I managed to make this little video of my modified Accucraft Quarry Hunslet (fitted with an SCAC18 Chuffer) hauling the Raif Copley designed stock. See "My Projects for the stories behing these models.

Here The Hunslet is testing a scratchbuilt Slomo coal wagon. This was the result of a series of tests with different weights - and this time it worked!!

Here is Ian Folland's weathered Quarry Hunslet running on Keith Langham's line with the Slomo coal wagon in tow.