Pine Tree Junction Videos 1

To honour the work of the Lindsay Newton's Pine Tree Junction team, I have created a page for their unique style of live steam garden railway video. These create a magical atmosphere and are primarily aimed at the younger train enthusiast.


Pine Tree Junction is also world famous for their wonderful series of Thomas the Tank Engine videos, so if you have youg children or grandchildren (or want to see what can be achieved with these superb models) go to their PineTreeJunction  Channel on Youtube here.


Captions are by Lindsay Newton

Roundhouse Sandy River No 24 gets fitted out with a new Summerlands Chuffer and gets back to work straight away

Katie gets her Summerlands Chuffer SCGP1 fitted by the Pine Tree engineers and then steams out around the railway. Look out for Katie and the rest of the Pine Tree Junction fleet at the Charnwood Forest Garden Railway Summer Steam Gala on Saturday 11th August 2012.

It's a lazy summer's day on Pine Tree Junction but our steam locos are all busy in the heat of the day.

Roundhouse steam engines get ready for duty on the Charnwood Forest Garden Railway.

Music written and played by Vo Fletcher. More of Vo's music at

Roundhouse Katie gets a new tender and takes it out for a spin on Pine Tree Junction.

Lindsay writes:

"Come and join the Charnwood Forest Garden Railway - Summer Steam Spectacular and celebrate the wonderful hobby of miniature steam railways. All the 'live' steam locomotives in this video have been made by Roundhouse Engineering in Doncaster England, and represent 30 years of expert manufacturing. Listen as they steam around the railway, all fitted with their Summerlands Chuffers, for what was the largest gathering of Roundhouse locos at the Great Central Railway's Rothley Station - ever!"