Pine tree Junction Videos 2

It's Market Day on Pine Tree Junction and everyone is very busy.

Katie gets her first job on Pine Tree Junction as she pulls two heavy trucks of stone around the railway. Listen to her Summerlands Chuffer as she works hard up the steep banks.

Pine Tree Junction has a new Roundhouse live steam locomotive. She is simply called 'Katie' and will be steaming around our garden railway very soon. Here are some photos of her around the railway before she gets her new Summerlands Chuffer fitted. A Roundhouse Katie was famously featured in the television remake of the classic 1970's film of The Railway Children with Jenny Agutter as the Mother. The Roundhouse Katie was given to Bobby's brother Peter, as a present at the start of the film.

More from Pine Tree Junction with captions by Lindsay Newton

It's all go at the Charnwood Forest Garden Railway Steam Gala.

The Pine Tree locos had a great time steaming around the railway so a big thank you to everyone involved.

Pine Tree Junction's new steam locomotive gets to work.


This superb live steam locomotive has been designed, manufactured and tested by the brilliant engineers at Roundhouse Engineering in Doncaster, England in 2011. The original full-size prototype was built by John Fowler & Co. Ltd. from Leeds in 1926 and then exported to Queensland, Australia for use on the Innisfail Tramway. Our new loco has been fitted with a Summerlands Chuffer which adds that extra special chuffing sound to the locomotive.

In this video you can see the Pine Tree Junction engineers fitting a new Summerlands Chuffer to Sandy river No 24. This is a precision machined, brass adapter which fits easily onto the two shortened steam exhaust pipes. This great little chuffer adds that extra special chuffing sound to the locomotive and is well worth the money and effort to fit.