Other Stuff

Well this is where all the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else goes. Occasionally there will be Secondhand Stuff. There will be traders who either don't or didn't have a website - so I let them have a page or two - that way I can always find their price lists!. They are not connected to the Summerlands Chuffer business other than being customers or suppliers to my own railway.


Other stuff goes on here as it takes my fancy. There is a page with a few recommendations for reading and one on the Launceston Steam Railway

Anything Narrow Gauge

Simon Whenmouth supplies new and second hand locos and most other garden railway stuff.

(updated 31st July 2016)


RWM Steam

Roy Wood is a good friend and makes the Janet and De Winton locos as well as supplying lots of spares.


Binnie Engineering

Peter Binnie makes excellent wheels, axleboxes and some wagons. I use them in all my scratchbuilding.


Jurassic Models

Mike Johnson supplies high quality laser cut kits for rolling stock.


Uskin Models

John Besley supplies castings for the 7/8ths scale - both in railways and traction engines



This is Nick Harling, a superb artist specialising in railway subjects.


Modelearth Design

Including Talisman Castings for 16mm and 7/8ths and Busybodies at Modelearth as well as the Modelearth kits and services


Small Steam Performance

The suppliers of the incredible Slomo







Full Sized Railways


A limited edition print from Nick Harling. See the new Tractionart page

Nick Harling