Other Roundhouse

Here is Keith Greenwood's fine Roundhouse William running on his Elmtree Line

Back in April 2011, at the Stoneleigh show, Shaun Earnshaw agreed to be the "guinea pig" for the new Tom Rolt Chuffer. He found that it fitted fine and although quieter than many of our Chuffers, it did the job - especially with a good load on. To demonstrate it in action, Shaun, Jools Dawes and Ian Midgley made this video. They gave it a good load in the last sequence.




Here we have Roy Wood's "Edward Thomas" - believed to be one of the early Roundhouse conversions by Steve Acton, running on Roy's Holt Wood Light Railway. This loco is manual, was lined out by Roy and is hauling a rake of Brandbright coaches. The Chuffer was a bespoke one for this loco based on the standard SCRH1 but with a longer connecting pipe and a shorter Chuffer to match the short chimney.

Here is Roy Wood's beautifully modified Billy , driven by him on the Summerlands Light Railway. The loco, named Dakota,  has a taller than standard cab and chimney so is not ideally matched with the IOM coaches, but he was running so well that I just had to get the camera. Other mods include the buffers and buffer beams, running plate rails, smoke-box dart, Talyllyn livery and, of course, a Summerlands Chuffer.

Seen on the Elmtree Line, Keith Greenwood's Roundhouse William "Molly" is worked hard to keep her train on time.  She slips on greasy rails but is kept in check by her driver.

Recently Alan Palmer purchased a very nice vintage Roundhouse Dylan from Anything Narrow Gauge. It is meths fires and was fitted with the early Roundhouse 'Enhancer' which was pretty silent. With this removed Alan measured for a Chuffer and we supplied a longer version of our SCRH1. Here you can hear the result with the loco running on his Milford Hill Light railway!