Most Accucraft US and UK locos

All Accucraft locos have an opening smokebox door which gives some access to the exhaust. In most cases this is a simple 3mm tube fitted with a 3mm threaded end. The exhaust either scres into a boss on a reversing block between the frames, or into a cross tube between the cylinders. The following notes give the general idea and you can see Chuffers being fitted in the videos.

1.  Open the smoke-box on your loco in order to see the exhaust pipe which runs from the brass reversing block between the cylinders, up into the chimney. This pipe is simply screwed into a 3mm threaded hole in the block.


2.  Using a pair of long nosed pliers, unscrew the pipe gently. Do not bend or force it – it will be well oiled and should come out easily.


3.  Push the freed pipe up and remove it via the chimney. If you now look downwards into the smoke-box, you will see the threaded hole it came from.


4.  Taking the Chuffer, first ensure it is straight and has not been bent in transit. Then feed it down the chimney and screw it into the 3mm threaded hole in the reverser block. Do not over-tighten.


5.  Check that the Chuffer's slot is clear of the chimney wall – the position is marked on the top of the Chuffer with a thin line. You can put a slight bend in the  copper pipe if necessary.


6.  Now steam up and enjoy the sound!

Wrekin chuffer

Below you can see a video of me fitting a Chuffer to an Accucraft Ruby

And here I am fitting one to an Accucraft Ragleth