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Simon Harris, the man behind Modelearth Design, must be one of the most talented modellers around. He started way back in the field of Wargaming and then moved into the wonderful world of 7/8ths" Scale modelling where his products, painting and weathering are legendary!


A couple of years ago, Simon took on the supply of the superb Talisman castings, both for 16mm and 7/8ths, and ,ore recently he has teamed up with Rob Bennett to produce a wonderful range of figures.


So what is missing? Well, for one reason and another, a website! So now we have one here - which we will add to as new products are developed. I have no connection with Modelearth, other than as a customer, but I do like to have the catalogues to hand when I need them ;-)



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7/8ths Figures at Modelearth Catalogue

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Talisman at Modelearth Catalogues

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Modelearth Design Catalogues

For 7/8ths scale kits and accessories click here

For Pip - the ready to run battery loco (below) click here

Modelearth figures

This pair of Modelearth figures certainly know their stuff when it comes to Chuffers!

To contact Simon email: si (at)  

Tel. 01926 490171