Mamod (and Modified Mamod)

Here is a much upgraded Mamod SL1 kit. It has a new boiler, burner and cylinders but the smoke-box is standard and so demonstrates how a Chuffer sounds. Needless to say it was difficult to make it run slowly!

When Roy Wood Models acquired a lot of parts for the Mamod type locos, I decided to have another go at my, already much modified one, which had mostly sat on the shelf since the stress of making the last video. I fitted one of his reversers and lubricator/steam pipes and the transformation was incredible. I then revived an old tender that I built in 1983 and tried to re-create a "heritage' but docile loco with radio control.


Here my radio controlled Mamod is seen hauling a heavy train on Roy Wood's railway, though the radio was hardly necessary as the loco just pottered round, very slowly. The tippers are very free running on the new wheelsets fitted by Roy, but they have heavy loads of concrete!  As it states in the film, this loco is much modified, but I am amazed at just how docile it is.  And no slow motion playback was necessary!

Here is my much modified Mamod demonstrating a prototype Chuffer back in the Spring of 2009. Old Tom felt left out when we were filming an Earl & Countess video and set off at reckless speed pulling a huge train of W&L stock. The loco was rebuilt in the late 80's to a "Heywood" style, with gas burner, new cylinders, new wheels, platework, dome, safety valve, regulator, lubricator  (made from a cartridge case - as are the sandboxes) and chimney (made from a wartime stirrup pump nozzle). She still works a treat!

Here is Mark Pengelley's little film about fitting a cChufffer to a standard Mamod and then running it as the light failed. There are fitting notes in the Fitting Notes section.