Locobox Sophie and Garratt

Here is Hodder - a modified Locobox Sophie made in 2004. It is newly arrived at the SLR from Peter Harling's Pimlico Tramway -now sadly closed. Please note that the Chuffer was non-standard - it has now been replaced with an SCGP1 and sounds much better!

Here is the Locobox Sophie again - this time at Roy Wood's Holt wood Light Railway hauling clay and then stone and coal.

This is one of my most popular videos!

JohnSaintJames is the first to fit a Chuffer to the Locobox Garratt. Here JSJ has made a quick film to demonstrate on his Evansford and Midland Railway.

Sophie is back at the Holtwood Light Railway again - hauling Triang Big Big tippers and also some well rusted Binnie tippers.