Accucraft Lawley and Superior

Rob Bushill's Accucraft Lawley is hauling his Swift sixteen coaches here at the SLR on a very sunny Spring afternoon.


Keith Vincer has been creating his Kingsbridge & Salcombe Railway for the past sixt years, but this is his first video of it in action . The Accucraft Lawley has twin channel radio control and, of course, an SCAC2 Summerlands Chuffer. It was lined by the late Les Richards and looks very smart indeed.

And here is JohnSaintJim's   Accucraft Lawley fitted with a final prototype Chuffer on his Evensford and Midland Railway.

James Dowling came visiting the Summerlands Light Railway with his Accucraft Superior. It ran smoothly with the IOM stock and made rather a nice sound!

Seen on the Elmtree Line, Keith Greenwood's Lawley "Thirty Three" makes light work of a lengthy freight train.