Roundhouse Lady Anne

We start with a Lady Anne of 1983 vintage - meths fired and just 0-4-0. It is struggling here with some rather stiff wagons that need running in, or oil, or both!

And here is the same Lady Anne on a snowy day.

Here is Keith Greenwoods modern Lady Anne running on his Elmtree Line in 2010

Here is a Roundhouse Lady Anne, built from a kit, hauling Brandbright coaches on the stunning Dingle Leigh Railway created by David Turner.

Watch and be amazed!!!

Another of Keith Greenwood's Lady Annes on his Elmtree Line, this time in 2013

The terrible paint job on the old lady finally had to be remedied. This little video show a few stages in her makeover and then some running with the Accucraft IOM stock. The final section is at half speed. Although she has the short exhausts, she is fitted with the standard SCRH1 Chuffer as the chimney extends well into the smokebox.