Roundhouse Katie

Well here is a real piece of history - it shows the Mk III chuff pipe which was the forerunner of the Summerlands Chuffer. This preceded the final development, but was till alot better than the simple ones!

Here is Katie hauling Accucraft I.O.M coaches on the SLR

This Katie was the original test bed for the Summerlands Chuffer and here, four years on, she is hauling a serious load. Three, steel bodied Cheddar coaches weigh in at about 10.5kg (21lbs) so there is a little wheel slipping on the Holtwood Light Railway!

Here, in the first of two films, Katie has been fitted with the incredible SSP Slomo and is collecting a train from Watercombe on the Summerlands Light Railway

And here Katie returns to shunt the Watercombe yard.

Here is Katie showing off her skills with SSP Slomo and FX Control.