The FX Control for Summerlands Chuffers

After five years of making and developing Chuffers to give the best and loudest sound, we now have a option to fit many locos  which will allow you to control the sound effects and the steam effects from your loco.


The FX control is a precision engineered cap to fit the top of the Chuffer resonator, which has a hole drilled in the cap. The FX Control has a large hole  and a small hole and by turning the control with a screwdriver you have three options:


Both holes closed: This is always selected for start up as it diverts all the oil and water condensate down. When this has cleared, the Chuffer behaves as normal and gives the maximum chuff.


Small hole open: This gives a softer edge to the chuff and is slightly higher pitched and quieter. It also enhances the steam effects by increasing the plume of steam.


Large hole open: This gives a much softer and quieter Chuff which will be only slightly louder than a standard exhaust (depending on the loco). The benefit is that you will get the maximum steam effect which will be perfect for Winter and low sun photography. It is also great for indoor running where some folk have been known to huff and puff about too much Chuff ;-)



FXC 1 FX Control cap 1

Will it fit my loco?

The FC Control is designed to fit on the standard 1/4" diameter Chuffer where it is used in a chimney large enough to take the slight increase in diameter without restricting the breathing. Where there is limited chimney space, we can offer the option of  the 7/32" Chuffer as an exchange. With this, the diameter will remain the same with the FX Control fitted.


To see if it will fit your engine click the links below and please note that I have not yet been able to assess every engine type. If in doubt, please contact us.


For Accucraft Locos


For Roundhouse Locos


For German Outline Locos


For Other makes.

Can I fit it myself?

If you are an experienced model engineer with acces to a good lathe, then yes. For instructions click here. If not, it is best to let an expert do it


Who can fit it for me?

Nigel Garrett, who makes every Summerlands Chuffer will be happy to fit an FX Control to your Chuffer, or fit an exchange Chuffer if needed.


Also the following Dealers and Chuffer Fitters will be happy to do the job for you.

Dave Mees at Abbey Bach Loco Works (North Wales)

Jason Kovac at The Train Department (USA)

David Hippey at Houston Gate locomotive Works (Scotland)

Pascal Lelievre at Atelier Vapouriste (France)

Mike Darby at Chuffed2Bits (England - Midlands)

Terry Robinson at Small Steam Performance (Australia)



Please see the "Buying" and "Chuffer Fitters" pages for contact details

How much does it cost?

Prices may vary, but direct from Nigel at DP Supplies they are as follows:


The FX Control (post free)                                                                 £7.50


The FX Control when purchased fitted to a new Chuffer              £10.00


The FX Control fitted to your Chuffer ( return post free)               £12.50


The FX Control fitted to an exchange Chuffer (return post free)   £20.00


Please note that these prices include 20% VAT and postage. Overseas, non-EU customes will not pay the VAT but will have postage at cost.


Copyright Notice

Please note that the FX Control is a copyright design (copyright Chris Bird 2014) and is precision CNC machined. Genuine Summerlands FX Contols are made in one piece with machined slots and chamfered holes. They are guaranteed to work!

How do I use it?

The instruction sheet that will come with the FX Control can be seen here and please see the videos below.

Below are two videos showing the FX Control in action. The first shows a standard SCRH1 Chuffer with Control fitted to a Roundhouse Katie

Here is a short introduction video in which I explain the FX Control. Scroll down for more videos of the FX Control in action.

The second one shows fitting the Control Chuffer to an Accucraft Ragleth power unit before running it on a rolling road and on the track.