Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How easy is it to fit a Chuffer?

Well it depends on the loco make, type and age. For most Accucraft locos, it is simply a matter of unscrewing the stock exhaust and screwing in the Summerlands Chuffer. It is the work of a few minutes.


For many of the popular Roundhouse locos, with twin exhausts, (or more recently single exhausts, it is a matter of removing the smokebox and cutting the exhausts so that the chuffer can be pushed on. There is no soldering involved and way over a thousand of the twin exhaust type (SCRH1) have been fitted so far.


On some recent Roundhous, such as Atlantic and L&M, it is a bit more difficult to get the smokebox off, but it just needs confidence.


On some older Roundhouse models, where the smokebox doesn't come off, it is a matter of removing the boiler. This is a more complex task and if you are in any doubt, it is best left to an expert Chuffer Fitter.


How does it affect my loco's guarantee?

Fitting a Chuffer to an Accucraft loco should not affect the guarantee - the job is easily reversible provided that care is taken. If you are in any doubt, then please speak to your retailer or manufacturer. There are well over 2000 in use on Accucraft Locos so far.


With Roundhouse, you are cutting the exhausts so that will clearly affect the guarantee on those pipes! Also if you damage the loco during the process, that will not be covered. The fitting should not affect the rest of the guarantee on the loco, but if in doubt, please contact your dealer or Roundhouse.


What do I do if I don't have the skill to fit a Chuffer?

No problem - just contact a Chuffer Fitter on our approved list.


What if I don't like the sound?

You have eight weeks to decide and can have a fefund any time in that period.


Does a Chuffer affect the performance of my loco?

On about 95% of locos the answer is a catagoric no as it is designed to add no back pressure at all to the exhaust. On the Accucraft Shays, the Accucraft K36, the large Cheddar locos and some of the German locos, it slightly increases that back pressure, but there is no evidence that this affects performance in any way. My Accucraft 2 cylinder Shay, fitted with a Chuffer, pulled  a 250lbs up a 1% grade!!


Does a Chuffer make the loco more difficult to light?

On Accucraft the answer is no. These are normally lit through the open smokebox door.


With way over a thousand or the SCRH1, twin pipe Chuffers in use on Roundhouse locos, there have been a few instances where it is more difficult to light at the top of the chimney. The simple solution is to light it at the base of the smokebox from behind. If you do have a problem with this then plese contact us. Individual locos can be difficult and we can always supply a smaller diameter Chuffer.


What is the Roundhouse 'Enhancer' that is being fitted to some locos from mid 2013?

The Enhancer is a simple form of chuff pipe that is quite different from the precision engineered Summerlands Chuffer. It will give a softer, higher pitched chuff. I have been in contact with Roundhouse during the development and am delighted that they have made this move. I inderstand it will be easy to remove to fit a Chuffer.


I have an early Roundhouse loco with the exhausts already cut - do I need a special Chuffer?

Yes - it will need to have a longer connecting tube. Measure the distance from the top of the chimney to the top of the exhausts and let us know this number - in millimeters please.


Will a Chuffer sound like the full sized loco?

No - because in most cases it is about 20 times smaller. But it will give you the genuine sound of steam, and the harder you work it, the better the sound!