Brian Wilson's "Jack" - Corrections and Additional Information

This page will provide any corrections and additional information to be used in conjunction with the drawings and text in the Garden Rail magazine articles. It is essential to use corrected drawings and dimensions shown here when constructing the loco.


Part 2 Garden Rail 251  - see below - frame spacer and gas tank holes plus springs

Part 3 Garden Rail 252 - Click here - reach rod modification

Part 4 Garden Rail 253 - Click here and here

Part 7 Garden Rail 256 - Click here

Part 9 Garden Rail 258 - Click here and scroll down

Part 2 - Garden Rail 251


The dimensions for the position of the rear frame spacer holes and the gas tank mounting holes were omitted from the first instalment. All dimensions are in mm

Part 2 - Garden Rail 251


The dimensions will be included for the holes in the spring in the instalment 3, but as this step is described in instalment 2, the drawing is included here.

Correction 2 Jack Correction 3 Jack Frame Corrections a

Corrected 6th July 2015