Brian Wilson's "Jack" - Corrections and additional information

Part 4 Garden Rail 253


There are a couple of issues here. The first is that a dimension is missing from the front footplate drawing. A new drawing of the front footplate is here. And scroll down for an extra detail drawing of the rear footplate for scratch builders.


The second relates to folk who purchased the rear footplate from Model Engineers Laser when they were first announced - and before Brian realised that there was an error in the drawing being used. This is not a big issue as it is very easy indeeed to correct it. Brian has taken a series of photos, which are shown below, that show just how easy it is.

Gas tank 1 Gas tank 2 Gas tank 3 Gas tank 4 Gas tank 5 Gas tank 6 Gas tank 8 Gas tank 7

Here is an extra detail drawing for those scratch building the footplate.

JS Footplate Detail 1a