Accucraft Earl & Countess

1.  The Earl and Countess exhausts share a common pipe which can be seen clearly when you open the smokebox door. Looking downwards, between the cylinders, you will see two pipes running across . The upper pipe is the steam feed from the super-heater and the lower one is the exhaust. In the centre of a brass sleeve on the exhaust, there is a 3mm threaded hole and the exhaust pipe runs from this up to the chimney


2.  There is some variation between locos on the production. On some, the tapped hole for the single exhaust pipe is vertical, while on others, the hole is tilted forward at a slight angle. Your Summerlands Chuffer adapter has been designed in two parts to cope with this variation.


3.  First unscrew the existing exhaust using a pair of long nosed pliers. Keep it vertical to avoid damaging the thread. It is not screwed in far and will easily be removed. Then screw the threaded end of the adapter into the hole –  about two full turns. Do not screw it in too far or too tight. The adapter thread is steel to ensure it screws cleanly into the lightly cut thread in the brass cross tube. If in doubt, back it off and screw it a little at a time.


4.  Now look at the angle of this pipe – if it points up the chimney then simply pass the Chuffer down the chimney so that the brass pipe sleeves over the copper. The top of the Chuffer needs to be about 5mm below the top of the chimney. Using long nosed pliers, turn the Chuffer so that the slot – marked on the top with a fine line – is clear of the chimney wall.


5.  If the Chuffer feels loose on the adapter pipe, remove it and put a very slight bend in the copper pipe, just above the mark on the tube. This will hold it firm when the Chuffer is pushed into place. If the Chuffer assembly feels very loose in the chimney, you can put a slight bend in the copper below the mark on the copper tube, so that the back of the chuffer is pressed against the chimney wall.


6.  If your adapter pipe leans forward when you try it in position (it did on both the locos I have fitted them to), then remove it and put a bend in the copper pipe below the mark so that the upper part of the tube points up the chimney. Replace it and proceed as in step 4 above.