Chuffer Design Service

If we do not list a Summerlands Chuffer for your loco then we can often specify one or design one to suit. It is a free service and if we supply one, but you don't like it, then we give our normal guarantee and refund.

For this service we need the measurements on the diagram below. Preferably these should be in millimeters please and you can send them to me at coxhillcottage (at) or to your retailer who will forward them to me.


Loco Type/Model


A:  The total length of the chimney, including any part in the smokebox.



B:  The internal diameter at the top of the chimney.


C:  The internal diameter at the bottom of the chimney.


D:  If there is a step inside the chimney where the diameter reduces then

      the distance from the top of the chimney to this step.


E:  The total distance from the top of the chimney to the fitting where

      The exhaust screws in.


F:  The type of fitting – this is normally a 3mm thread on most Accucraft.

      If it is a fixed tube exhaust, then please give the external diameter.


G:   Is the exhaust fitting central under the chimney, or is it off-set. If offset, then

      by how much?




Design Diagram