RWM and PPS De Winton in 7/8ths" scale

Here is Roy wood's test bed De Winton, running first as 16mm and then, by raising the cab sheet and changing drivers, it becomes 7/8ths!

The loco has one of the RWM design resonators for the Summerlands Chuffer.

Here it is again, this time hauling the Summerlands GP Wagons.

Here is a modified PPS De Winton. Originally designed by Alan Whitaker as a manual loco, this one has been fitted with single channel radio control and a number of enhancements. The logs it is hauling are very heavy, and the RWM design resonator works a treat.

Here we have my modified PPS De Winton piloting Roy Wood's RWM version at his Holtwood Light Railway. They both have the Summerlands Chuffer mounted in an RWM design resonator.

Here is my much modified PPS De Winton with new buffer beams. This loco, which is now produced by RWM Steam, is hauling my scratchbuilt Summerlands design rolling stock (see My Projects for details). The Summerlands Chuffer is in an RWM design resonator.