The Summerlands Chuffers

The Summerlands Chuffer is a precision engineered Chuff pipe which is the result of extensive development and testing. Since its launch in 2009, over 3,500 have been supplied and it has been proven in operation by enthusiasts across the world. In addition to giving a real steam chuff to over 100 types of loco, it also directs the oily condensate downwards, keeping the loco much cleaner.


The Chuffer, which is a copyright design, consists of a jet within a narrow throat. This has our specially designed sounding slot, hand cut into the machined body. The body above the slot is machined out to give the maximum volume for resonance.


The standard  Chuffer, (pictured left) is 48mm long and must be mounted within the chimney of the loco so that the slot is inside. This gives a secondary resonance which amplifies the sound. If it is mounted with the slot in the smoke-box, it loses the optimum resonance and muffles the sound. We also make a Short Standard Chuffer, which is 43mm long for use in short chimneys such as that on the Roundhouse Taliesin and can make them even shorter to order.


The Standard Chuffer diameter is 6.35mm but we also make smaller 5.55mm  and 4.76mm versions for narrower chimneys and 9.5mm diameter ones for wide (14mm+ ID) chimneys as well as custom designed ones for odd shaped chimneys.


Each Chuffer is machined by master Chuffer-Maker, Nigel Garrett - who also test blows every one to check for the purity of chuff ...... you think I'm joking don't you! Just ask him!


Our range of fittings, including the unique Roundhouse Twin-exhaust one, will allow you to fit a Chuffer in the correct position for maximum Chuff.

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Roundhouse Twin-exhaust

This is a precision machined, brass adapter which is a push fit on to the two cut down exhaust pipes. This avoids the need for any silver soldering - it is just a matter of removing the smoke-box and following the straigtforward instructions.


Roundhouse Vale of Rheidol and Silver Lady

This is a single pipe adapter which is a screw in replacement for the factory exhaust.


Roundhouse Taliesin

This is not an adapter - the special, shorter Chuffer is silver soldered to the Z shaped exhaust at our works. Please note that this is a Special Order item and that it is not suitable for the early L shaped exhaust models where the exhaust pipe tilts, rather than swivels, in the chimney. If you have one of the early ones, you might like to contact one of our Chuffer-Fitters who can convert your loco.


Accucraft Standard fitting

These have the standard 3mm thread machined in brass on the bottom of a replacement exhaust. They are simply different lengths for the different models to optimise the position in the chimney - from the Ruby right up to the mighty K-28 (so far!) Fitting is straightforward - just follow the instructions.


Accucraft Shays

The 2 cyl Shay has a 5mm adapter to be a straightforward screw in replacement for the factory unit. The 3 cyl shay has a 4mm adapter and the narrower bore 7/32" Chuffer as the chimney stack is very narrow.


Accucraft Earl & Countess

This is similar to the other Accucraft adapters but it is supplied in two parts to overcome some variation in the angle of the exhaust thread. Full instructions are supplied.


General Purpose Fitting

These Chuffers have a simple tube to push fit over your existing exhaust pipe. They are available for 1/8" (3.2mm), 5/32" (3.96mm) and 3/16" (4.75mm) exhausts.

The length of the tube can be varied and is shown as a number at the end of the product code e.g. SCGP1-25 has a 25mm tube.


Precision fitting

These have an adapter precision drilled for a single exhaust. This is either where there is a metric exhaust or where there is limited exhaust available for a push fit.

Finding the Correct Chuffer for your Loco


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For Roundhouse locos

For German outline locos

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 FX Control (volume and steam plume control for your Chuffer)

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