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Peterborough Show

Unfortunately I am unable to attend the superb National Garden Railway Show on the 8th April this year, so there will be no Summerlands Chuffer stand for the first time since we launched in 2009. Chuffers will, however,  be available from our retailers Dream Steam, Anything Narrow Gauge and Chuffed2Bits. They will also be able to take orders, or you can, of course, order direct from Nigel at DP Supplies (see "Buying")


Brian Wilson's "Jack" Articles

For those who missed Brian's series in Garden Rail Magazine, or who want a little more detail from the great man himself, we are publishing a re-edited version on the Garden Railway Club over the coming months. The first two sections are already there - so click here to go there. You will also find my article on the build there and more detail on this website here.


Accuraft 3 Ton Decauville

Thanks to vital assistance from Jay Kovac of The Train Department, I can confirm the the correct Chuffer will be the latest version of the SCAC29 which has an 1/8" copper connecting tube. Versions with the 5/32 brass tube will not be suitable owing to the narrow base of the chimney.


Accucraft Hunslet No.14 Chuffer available!

Dave Mees of Abbeybach Engineering Services tested the revised design today and it was fine - so SCAC42 is now available to order


Regner 99-222 Video

Alan Regan, Chairman of the 16mm Association, has recently fitted a Chuffer to his Regner 99-222 loco and with the help of his son Rob, has sent me the little video (see right of the page). This mighty 2-10-2 tank engine is working hard and really sounds 'the business'. Thanks to Alan and Rob!


Accucraft Lyn - First Batch Chuffer

I have recently learned that the first batch of Lyn's had very restricted smokebox breathing (none!) and that some folk have had burner trouble when fitting our standard SCAC5 Chuffer. We now have the SCAC5FB for these first batch locos whic cures the problem. If you have removed an SCAC5 and would like the new version to replace it, please contact me at


Roundhouse Garratt Chuffer

We can now offer two versions of the SCRH7: These will be SCRH7-RH, which mimics the Roundhouse exhaust dimensions (though slightly longer) and SCRH7- FX which uses the 7/32" Chuffer and is fitted with FX Control as standard. The FX allows you to make the best of the prodigious steam plume! Tests have shown that lighting is absolutely normal with RH version and better done at the base of the smokebox with the FX version.


These Chuffer will only be made to order as the manifold that they fit into varies in height (the locos are, of course, hand made!) and customers need to be aware that fitting either type goes against the manufacturer's warranty on the exhaust and burner. If concerned, please discuss with Roundhouse or your dealer.


To order one it is necessary to measure down from the top of the chimney to the manifold where the exhaust screws in. This is easily done with the rod on a digital caliper or by slipping a tube over the existing exhaust an lowering it until it stops. Mark the tube at the top of the chimney, remove the tube and measure. The measurement will be between 60mm and 70mm.










We have now supplied well over 5,800 chuffers worldwide.


The Summerlands Chuffer website has had over 593,000 page hits in just over six and a half years.


Summerlandsteam (my Youtube channel) videos have now been viewed over 815,000 times.


There are just two of us in the Summerlands Chuffer business. Nigel makes and supplies them through his one man D P Supplies business and I do all the design and marketing from my home.

You can contact me (Chris) at coxhillcottage(at) 


Fitting a Chuffer to most Accucraft locos is only a five minute job? And it is the same for the Roundhouse VoR and Silver Lady!


That it is important to always read the instructions if fitting to Roundhouse Twin exhaust locos - even if you have done it before. The cutting heights for Russell, Bertie and the Darjeeling B are non standard.






Buyer Beware

I recently received a query about a "Chuffer" fitted to an Accucraft loco. The loco wouldn't run and it was found that the thread obstructed the exhaust passage. I knew this could not be a Summerlands Chuffer, and was not surprised when the photo showed an incorrectly designed and poorly engineered copy that had caused the problem.


Genuine Summerlands Chuffers are guaranteed to work correctly and are beautifully made by Nigel Garrett. If you are in any doubt about your Chuffer, please get in touch.


Mark Horovitz Review

Mark Horovitz, editor of Garden Railways magazine in the US reviewed the Summerlands Chuffer of the Accucraft Emma in the October issue of the magazine. He wrote: "In short, this product does what it is advertised to do which is to dramatically increase the volume of the exhaust sounds made by your live-steam locomotive"


Fitting to home builds - warning!

I have just worked on a fine model of a Hunslet Jack (see top right) which had recently had a chuffer fitted to the twin exhaust. The chuffer was correct, but the fitting wasn't - the twin pipe adapter was mounted so high that it was blocking the chimney! The problem was made worse by the loco only having very little air hole in the bottom. I shortened the pipes by about 8mm and substantially enlarged the hole in the base and now all is well. It is essential (and easy) to fit them correctly so if in doubt - please do ask!!



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Small Steam performance (SSP Slomo)

Here is a little film from John Robinson in Tawa, New Zealand, featuring his highly modified Accucraft leader running on his bush railway. The Chuffer is fitted with FX Control, but here is running with both holes closed for maximum Chuff.

Here is another video of my Brian Wilson Jack "LIZZIE" running on a chilly November morning. The FX Control is open on the small hole and the low sun makes for some great steam effects.

Here are two rather special little films from the wonderful Pinetree Junction studeo to show off their new Chuffer with FX Control and their new Chuffer on the Roundhouse Garratt. Many thanks to Lindsay Newton!

And here is LIZZIE, running at Doc Turner's Dingle Leigh Railway in the Spring

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