Cheddar Samson, Reisa, Goliath and Hercules

I have recently purchased both a Cheddar Samson and a Cheddar Hercules and have tried out the simple method given to me some months ago by Richard Page. I can now confirm that it is simple and quick. The smokebox front on Hercules, Goliath, Reisa and Samson is a substantial brass casting and the hinge is robust (see centre photo). If you are in any doubt about your abilities though, please leave it to an expert as we cannot be responsible for any damage.


Richard Page's Method


"I recently purchased 2 chuffers for a Cheddar Goliath and a Cheddar Reisa. According to your website there was a need to virtually dismantle the Reisa and quite a complicated amount of work for the Goliath.


I have just successfully installed chuffers on both with a total time of less than half an hour's work for the two. All that was needed was to gently tap off the front of the smoke box. This can be done with a wooden drift on the false hinge on the left hand side. Slide the Chuffer down the funnel, mark the exhaust pipe 20mm above the bottom of the chuffer when the top of the chuffer is just below the top of the funnel, and cut. I used a Dremel which means the cut cannot be at 90 degrees but it takes virtually no time and the exhaust pipe can be supported by holding it with some pliers.


Then slip the Chuffer over the exhaust; ensure the steam outlet on the Chuffer is well away from the side of the funnel by turning it to the best position. The longest operation was putting a slight bend in the exhaust to get the right tightness of fit. Push the smoke box front back on and the job is done.


Wonderfully simple and a wonderful improvement to the sound of the locos."


I followed Richard's method but would add the following suggestions:


1. Before tapping the smokebox front out, place an old towel over the buffer beam and in front of the loco. The smokebox pops out!

2. Take it very steady and do not be tempted to lever it out.

3. Protect the boiler with cardboard before cutting the exhaust. Protect the top edge of the smokebox wrapper with some masking tape or similar as the Dremel chuck gets very close (or touches!).

4. Wedge the exhaust against the front of the chimney as it is quite loose

5. The cut with a cutting disc will be at a steep angle - this is fine.

6. Rather than bend the exhaust to get a tight fit, just gently (very gently) run a groove round the chuffer adapter with wire cutters, this just makes it grip (see photo below right).

Hercules 4 Hercules 5 Hercules 3