Accucraft Cab Forward

This large locomotive from Accucraft is so called because the the cab is at the front and the smokebox is at the rear. Thanks to the efforts of Rob Fern, I have been able to design a pair of Chuffers (SCAC46A & B) for this loco and he has successfully fitted them. The photos are his and the words are mine based on his notes. Please note that this is not a simple fit and some fettling is required - please consider these notes carefully with the locomotive to hand before ordering as the instructions will refer you to this page.

Here is the loco - which is pretty huge!

Cab forward 1

Here you can see the twin stacks and the smokebox door

Cab forward 1a Cab forward 2

Each stack has its own exhaust - an simple, open pipe with a deflector above.

Cab forward 3

With the smokebox door open, you can see the two exhausts. The rear one (right in photo) is fixed and will need to be cut. The front one (left in photo) is a standard screw in with a 3mm thread.

There are two Summerlands Chuffers for this loco the SCAC46A which has a precision 3mm socket to push fit on to the rear exhaust and the SCAC46B which screws into the socket for the front exhaust.


It is necessary to source some 17/32" K&S brass tube to make two stack extensions down into the smokebox. I understand from Rob Fern that these will fit tightly with just a little filing inside the stacks. To fit these and the Chuffers, it is necessary to unbolt the deflector above the stacks.


Once you are happy that the stack extensions will be a firm fit, remove them for re-fitting after the Chuffers.


Dealing with the fixed, rear exhaust first, bend it carefully so that it rises centrally in the stack. Measure the push fit Chuffer and subtract 10mm for the socket depth. Then measure down from the top of the stack and mark the pipe with this measurement. That is the point where the pipe should be cut. I asked Rob how he did it and he replied "It was a bit if a fiddle but at the base it screws into the steam exhaust union that clamps up and holds everything in place on the smokebox floor, I unscrewed that and removed the exhaust pipe after marking where to cut it". If you deside to cut in situ - first remove the forward, screw in exhaust and cut, either with a hacksaw blade or cutting disk - very carefully- while supporting the tube (Do not do this unless you are confident in your abilities!). Then clean up the cut, inside and out with a fine file.


You can now screw in the screw fit chuffer and, supporting it at the bottom, carefully bend it to rise centrally in the stack. Take great care not to force and break the fine thread.


When that is in position, you can push the rear Chuffer on to the exhaust and ensure it is central.


You can now push the two stack extensions into place and replace the deflector. You can see Rob Ferns Chuffers in position below.


Cab forward 5 Cab forward 6