Brian Wilson's Hunslet Jack - Recommended Reading

18 inch gauge John Knowles 2 GR250COVER

A great magazine and, of course, the one in which Brian's build is being serialised. Available as paper and digitial and you can subscribe here:

Out of print, but second hand copies occasionally come on to the market.


Amazon synopsis:  The 18 inch gauge systems played an important part in the development of narrow gauge railways. Constructed from the early 1860s onwards these lines served main line railway workshops at Crewe and Horwich, as well as many major military installations and industrial sites. This book is a technical and historical outline of a significant but hitherto neglected aspect of Britain's railway history illustrated with many rare and historic photographs and a wide selection of maps and scale drawings. The book includes scale drawings of main locomotive types, the internal works tramways of Crewe and Horwich Works and the various military railway systems as well as the various estate and private railways using 18 inch gauge steam traction are featured, such as the Sand Hutton Light Railway and the John Knowles system.

An excellent book covering the system which, of course, includes Jack. It is still available from a number of book sellers.


This superb book by Brian, which has been a builders' 'bible' for many garden railway enthusiasts/model engineers, has been reprinted. It covers the build of a plantation type loco and although it mentions a Jack in passing, it does not cover this build. It is ideal fro anyone wanting to progress to build locos from scratch.

It is available from Camden Miniature Steam Services

Steamodelloco16mm is a Yahoo group dedicated to builders of model steam locomotives in our garden railway scales (and indeed in any scale). It is very tightly focussed on the subject and members are only too happy to help builders. It is necessary to join the group which you can find at here

The 7/8ths Lounge is a superb forum for all things 7/8ths scale - everything from loco bulding and rolling stock to creating a railway. You can read many of the posts at but joining allows to to participate in the discussion.


A beautiful beel produced by RCL Publications. It features the Waril locomotives which are sumilar, but slightly larger than Jack.