Brian Wilson's Hunslet Jack - other castings and parts

Brian and Si Harris of Modelearth Design have done a huge amount of work to make the build easy for those without model engineering equipment and skills. First we have a summary list and then scroll down for drawings and photos of the parts as they become available.

Series Outline 3a

Laser cut parts from Model Engineers Laser

Plates Beams S'Box Laser CB 3

Castings from Modelearth Design


Please click here for the latest photos and prices of castings from Modelearth Design. . (see also Brian's own products below)

Cab etches from Modelearth Design



All prices are plus postage


12668      £4.22

12669      £3.55

12670      £2.82

12671      £3.62

12672      £4.38

12673      £3.29

Jack Etches b BJ laser 1

Machined Castings from Brian Wilson

Brian will be supplying a small number of ready to fit parts, including the 3D printed smokebox direct from Australia. You can find his list here