Bowman 234

Owen Roberts was the first to fit a development version of the Summerlands Chuffer to a Bowman 234. Here he describes the process and supplied the photos. which I am afraid were lost in the website rebuild.

Fitting a “chuffer” to your Bowman engine

by Owen Roberts


The chuffer can ONLY be fitted to the 234 tender engines, as the direct exhaust from the port block on other engines preclude the fitting of a chuffer. Providing the nuts part easily this will take about 15 to 20 minutes. Should you decide to fit one the methodology is as follows :-


1.It is worth soaking the nuts in the cab floor, mid boiler steam connections, bogie nut and chimney base nut in penetrating oil about 24 hours before you start, the nuts are about 80 years old and may be resistant to being shifted!


2.Remove the burner from underneath the cab.


3.Remove the front bogie to gain easy access to the chimney base nut.


4.Undo steam pipe joint at the middle of the boiler.  Care is needed to undo this joint to avoid twisting pipework. Usually best to grip the steam pipe joint nearest the cab with pliers and use a 5/16th spanner on the nut which will undo towards the pliers – however do check that your joint does work this round in case it has been assembled the other way round.


5.Repeat for joint on other side of boiler, again the joint to grip is usually nearest to the cab.


6.Undo the chimney base nut which will hang on the steam pipes from the port block.


7.Undo the two nuts and bolts holding the cab floor to the footplate.


8.The boiler, cab and flame guard can be lifted clear of the foot plate as one unit.


9.Although it is not part of the fitting operation, take this opportunity to clean the underside of the boiler and footplate from the 80 years accumulation of soot and oil.


10.Take the chuffer  and locate it over the two exhaust pipes protruding through in footplate in the chimney location. Support the pipes from underneath the footplate and press the chuffer down on the pipes. The noise slit in pointing backwards on my installation, I do not think it matters which way round the chuffer faces. (It doesn't but the slot must be clear of the chimney wall )


11.Replace the boiler, cab & flame guard unit back over the boiler, locating the chimney base over the chuffer and through the locating hole in the foot plate. Ensure the steam pipes from the cab are located in the cut outs in the cab front.


12.Oil the thread on the chimney base and gentle screw the base nut a couple of turns until it is located.


13.Oil and replace cab nuts and bolts and bolt up loosely.


14.Clean and coat with steam oil the mid boiler steam pipe joints, do the linking bolts up finger tight.


15.Check that everything is located, then tighten up chimney base nut finger tight only, cab nuts and steam pipe nuts.


16.Replace front bogie and fuel tank.


17.Fire up your engine and listen to the change in sound!