Roundhouse Billy

Is this the slowest and most controllable Roundhouse Billy on the planet? It starts slowly but stick with it - it is worth it!! This one came out of the Blue to me from Terry in Australia. He has been working on it for three years to get it running like this. It is NOT half speed playback!

Mark "Ace" Pengelley bought one of the early Roundhouse Billy locos in 1996, but it was only this week that he finally took the plunge and fitted a chuffer. His loco was fitted with the early, near silent Roundhouse 'Enhancer' and the early design meant a body off process. Mark recorded the process  and has included a little 'before' video and a nice lot of 'after'!

Here is Matthew Foster's beautiful, manual Billy, recently fitted with an SSP Slomo, running on his Takasaki Railway in Japan.