Anything Narrow Gauge

Anything Narrow Gauge (also incorporating IMP and PPS) is run by Simon Whenmouth who is well known on the garden railway show circuit for his extensive stock of new and secondhand locos (as well as other stuff!) - and he occasionally produces a loco stock list which always makes interesting reading. Rather than me remembering to hassle him for the latest list, Simon has agreed to have his list posted here for all to see. This is not a commercial arrangement and I have no connection with Simon's business other than as a satisfied customer of his (I have bought three locos from him), and a supplier to him as one of our Chuffer Fitters.

We will try to keep it as up to date as possible - and if you have any queries then contact:

Simon Whenmouth at Anything Narrow Gauge on

01409 259009 or 07711387621

[email protected]


Updated 31st July  2016




Please remember that Anything Narrow Gauge has a good stock of Summerlands Chuffers which can now be purchased on line via Simon's website at


A New GVT Tram 32mm or 45mm Black or Green   £1275


A NEW Roundhouse Darjeeling Garratt R/C Price £3850.00


A NEW Roundhouse Harlech Castle R/C Price £1189.00


A NEW Roundhouse Silver Lady R/C Price £1965.00


Accucraft Baldwin Lined Manual 0502/061 Price £1275.00


Accucraft Baldwin MK2 32mm 0502/VAT2 Price £1175.00


Accucraft Lawley Manual 32/45mm 0502/086 Price £895.00


Accucraft Lawley R/C 32/45mm 0501/001 Price £995.00


Accucraft Ragleth R/C 32/45mm 0501/996 Price £950.00


Aster Evening Star Factory Built 0502/092 Price £5350.0


B Milner 0-4-4 R/C 0502/067 Price £1875.00


Bowande 8F 2-8-0 R/C 0501/988 Price £1950.00


Fiery Fred Quarry Hunslet 0502/004 Price £725.00


Merlin Major As New 2.4R/C 0502/010 Price £1250.00


Merlin Monarch 2.4R/C As New 0502/009 Price £1150.00


Pearse Hunslet No14 2-6-2 R/C 0502/VAT10 Price £2250.00


Pearse Lew 2-6-2 R/C 0502/080 Price £1795.00


Preowned Accucraft BR 99 654 Reichsbahn V1K 0502/006 Price £1850.00


Preowned Roundhouse Mountaneer R/C 0501/985 Price £1780.00


Regner Chaloner 0502/076 Price £625.00


Regner Wilma Manual 32/45mm 0502/096 Price £525.00


Roundhouse Carrie R/C 2.4GHZ 32/45mm 0502/065 Price £1450.00


Roundhouse Cricceth Castle R/C 32/45mm 0502/088 Price £825.00


Roundhouse Fowler R/C 0501/959 Price £1425.00


Roundhouse Garratt R/C 0502/VAT Price £3475.00


Roundhouse Gungadin R/C 32/43mm lined 0502/VAT11 Price £2250.00


Roundhouse Katie R/C 2.4GHZ 32/45mm 0502/068 Price £1425.00


Roundhouse Lady Ann Meths R/C 0502/012 Price £950.00


Roundhouse Leek & Manifold Manual Lined 0502/093 Price £1595.00


Roundhouse Russell R/C 0501/971 Price £1300.00


Roundhouse Sandy River MK1 0501/997 Price £2200.00


Roundhouse Sandy River MK2 0502/090 Price £2675.00


Roundhouse Silver Lady R/C 32/45mm 0502/075 Price £1550.00


Roundhouse Silver Lady R/C 32/45mm 0502/087 Price £1495.00