Accucraft Valve Replacements

Anyone who has watched my videos will know that I am a fan of Accucraft locos - but there are some things that could be improved.


The regulators are a bit 'coarse' with a small movement making a big difference to speed - not a huge problem with R/C but can be challenging for manual operation. And on my Quarry Hunslet, the regulator is extremely stiff when hot.


The gas valves are again quite coarse in adjustment, and the O ring can make the movement quite springy.


Well now, thanks to the combination of Karl Boa's machining skills and Jason Kovac's knowledge of the product, there are superb quality replacement parts that give very fine control and smooth operation. They are available from and even with shipping to the UK, they are fantastic value.


Jason is a Chuffer dealer and fitter in the US but I have no connection with these products other than as a very satisfied customer.

Firstly, I fit the universal steam valve to my old Accucraft Ruby.

Now shorten the valve spindle to fit my Accucraft Quarry Hunslet.

And now I fit the replacement gas valve.