Accucraft 2 Cylinder Shay

An unusual one to start with. Here the Shay is running on the dual 5" and 7 1/4" track and pulling a staggering 250lbs. And yes the odd looking chap is me!

Here the Shay is running on Ralph pitcher's cathedral Mountain Railway, hauling a heavy load (about 20kg) of Welshpool and llanfair stock from Accucraft.

Another at the Cathedal Mountain Railway, this time hauling US outline stock.

Here is a superb video from Shawn Vigianno who has recently bought this 2 cylinder Accucraft Shay and fitted a Summerlands Chuffer. Although he has fitted radio control, he tells me it was not necessary for this film.

And here are two more superb films from Shawn's Kittatinney Mountain Railroad in New Jersey USA

Here is Dick Vermeer's Shay in action.